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Why did Denise choose Dr. O’Daniel to perform her surgery?

Denise is a dermatologist living in Louisville that had met Dr. O’Daniel when he was a medical student thirty years prior to her surgery. Working in dermatology, Denise had referred several of her patients to Dr. O’Daniel for cosmetic procedures and when her daughter broke her nose, she referred her daughter to him for a rhinoplasty.

After seeing the results of her daughter’s procedure and then losing a large amount of weight 10 years later, Denise began to consider having a tummy tuck procedure to remove some of her excess skin and immediately booked a consultation with Dr. O’Daniel.

What was the consultation like?

During the consultation, Dr. O’Daniel examined Denise and determined that although a tummy tuck would be beneficial, the rest of her body and face had been affected by her large weight loss. It was during the consultation that he suggested Denise undergo a facelift procedure as well as a tummy tuck.

Dr. O’Daniel explained in detail what each procedure entailed and showed Denise some examples of before and after photographs of people with similar problems to her. Although a facelift was never something Denise had considered, once the both procedures had been discussed and Dr. O’Daniel had described the results she could achieve, Denise decided to go ahead with the surgery.

The first surgery performed was the facelift procedure. The procedure took four hours to complete and after spending 90 minutes in recovery, Denise was cleared to return home. Dr. O’Daniel had advised that Denise be collected from the hospital and that she had a friend stay the night with her in case of any complications.
Denise experienced no nausea and very little pain and discomfort in the days after surgery, however, she did have some swelling and had to wear a jaw bra. Dr. O’Daniel prescribed some medication to reduce the swelling and the swelling rapidly decreased. Just 10 days after her facelift, Denise returned to work.

Tummy tuck procedure

One year after undergoing a facelift, Dr. O’Daniel performed Denise’s tummy tuck surgery. The surgery took four hours to complete and Denise returned home 90 minutes later.
Unlike her facelift, Denise suffered with pain and discomfort after her procedure and had to use a pain pump and other pain medication to reduce her discomfort for the following three days. The pain subsided after 5 days and Denise stopped taking medications. She had minimal bruising but was able to begin working again 10 days post-surgery.

Results and an overview of the experience

Due to Denise working in dermatology, she had professional relationships with several cosmetic surgeons but felt that Dr. O’Daniel was the best of them all. He created fantastic and natural looking results for both procedures and Denise is extremely happy with the results she has achieved.

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