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July 15, 2024
From The Desk Of Dr. O’Daniel

Dear Future Patient,

I have been practicing plastic surgery for over 30 years. I bring a rich store of wisdom, experience and surgical judgment to each patient. My understanding of the impact time and life have upon the human face and body allow unmatched restoration of the human form and function.

Internationally reknowned for plastic surgery excellence.

I have trained thousands of plastic surgeons worldwide in specific techniques for the facelift and necklift. Few plastic surgeons globally have the technique, talent or experience to achieve the outcomes our patients enjoy.

Great plastic surgery is art informed by science.

Deep scientific training and a sculptor’s touch is what sets the O’Daniel Studio apart. Our work is known for being dramatic yet delicate. Look like a younger version of yourself, not altered or pulled. Our results simply speak for themselves.

Education is what people do to you. Learning is what we do to ourselves.

I continue this educational process through endeavors at both national and international plastic surgical meetings as an invited speaker and invited live surgeon. Every year I help surgeons worldwide achieve more natural and beautiful results.

The O’Daniel Method – A Comprehensive Approach To Plastic Surgery

The anchor of my approach has always been to provide excellence in everything we do with the utmost quality and integrity. Each team member is trained in this approach and our whole practice philosophy revolves around this method. The highest compliment we receive is the trust and confidence our client has in us.

I have found that a fulfilling life are good health, interesting work and fulfilling personal relationships. My great fortune is to find people who become part of our family.

These are valuable relationships we treasure and cultivate.
I look forward to getting started on this journey with you.

T. Gerald O’Daniel MD, FACS, PLLC

The O’Daniel Difference

Real Patients, Real Results

SPECTACULAR FACELIFT RESULTS – Preservation Facelift – By Dr. O’Daniel

The O’Daniel Facelift

An International Reputation For Artistic Facelifts

Each face is unique and we use many diferent techniques. Most cases are an balance of
facelifts, necklifts, eyelid rejuvenation, skin resurfacing and fat grafting to restore
each patient’s youthful shape.

The O’Daniel Necklift

A Pioneer In Sculpting The Elegant Neck

Dr. O’Daniel trains and lectures worldwide on the most modern techniques for necklift.
When you desire a youthful neck that only a handful of physicians in the world can achieve
choose our expert team.

The O’Daniel Body

A Sculptor’s Eye For Shape And Form

Balance, proportion, skin tone, contour: These are the elements of a beautiful figure.
Dr. O’Daniel is a recognized expert on breast augmentation, mommy makeovers,
tummy tucks and liposuction. We can perform one or a combination of procedures to give your
body the look you’ve always dreamed about


The O’Daniel Spa

A World Class Facility Located In Louisville, KY

The O’Daniel Method extends to all our spa and non-surgical services. The O’Daniel team
is completely trained and dedicated to excellence in all our services. Escape to our beautiful
resort setting for BOTOX, Restylane, laser skin care and a host
of other services to keep you looking and feeling your best.


Dr. O'Daniel published in

"Using a Sculptor's Eye to Customize The Facelift"
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