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Facelift Facts Part 2 – Choosing the right facelift surgeon

Finding a facelift surgeon you can trust with your most visible attributes can be an extremely challenging part of getting a facelift.

A good surgeon has:

  • Qualifications
    Always check the surgeon’s qualifications before any surgery. A good facelift surgeon will be upfront and clear about his training and certifications. Board certification is the standard here. Check to make sure that your surgeon’s board certification is valid and up to date.
  • Experience
    No two facelifts are exactly alike. It is important that your surgeon has performed enough procedures to be familiar with handling any challenges that may arise during the surgery. Look at before and after photos to verify the quality of his/her work.
  • Reviews
    If the surgeon has experience performing facelifts on the public there should be testimonials of his work online. Find reviews from people who have already had a facelift done by the surgeon and see if they are satisfied with their procedure and results.

The right facelift surgeon will be thoroughly qualified, experienced, affordable, and caring all at the same time. Below are some questions you should ask potential surgeons to help figure out if they fit with your expectations.

  • What will my recovery process be like and when can I expect to return to my daily routine?
  • What will my entire facelift cost from start to finish?
  • What kind of results can I expect?
  • Are there any reasons that my case would be different from most other facelifts?
  • What are my options if I am not happy with the results of the facelift?

Dr. O’Daniel is double board certified in Facial Plastic Surgery and Plastic Surgery. He has performed thousands of facelift procedures and has developed an expert ability to take years off a patient’s appearance while still leaving their defining features intact.
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Dr. O’Daniel

Louisville Plastic Surgeon combines science and art to achieve harmony, proportion and balance at his Louisville plastic surgery office. He brings extensive training and experience and 30 years of experience to the full spectrum of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures, with dual board certifications in facial plastic surgery and plastic surgery, fellowship training in facial nerve surgery and craniofacial surgery and pediatric plastic surgery.

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